The Form of the Psychopath

 A woman can falsely accuse a man of sexual assault publicly and it is not a criminal act, but if a man sexually assaults a woman he goes to jail. 

Does a woman’s sexual organs, identity, and self worth have more value than the rest of a man’s life, identity, relationships, and self worth?

The bottom line is both scenarios are a toxic use of control in order to impact the life of another for psychopathic selfish motives. For a man it is non-consensual manipulation based upon the use of physical force. For a woman it is non-consensual manipulation based upon the use of reality distorting deceit, emotional manipulation, and the use of social factors as tools to perpetuate a false reality.

The parallel between both people is a complete lack of empathy and a complete lack of compassion for other people in this world.  

These individuals have two identities; their truth and their lie. When they are in control they are the assailant, when they have lost control they play the victim. The only way to destroy these people is by exposing evidence of their truth and the motive for their lie.

Never allow someone to define you with their behavior or the words they have said, they only define themselves. There are no victims only those that choose to be. There are no survivors except from those that chose to be victims. You have to be a Soul Warrior. The darkness, the pain, the betrayal fused with faith, love, and hope will forever inspire you to love those that have hurt and betrayed you, love those that have been hurt, and be a Guardian Angel for those that can no longer stand in the rain. 

When your life has been impacted by sexual assault, physical assault, and/or warped by false allegations and you have the strength to maintain love and hope in your heart you are a leader. You are not allowing your attitude toward life to follow the results of someone else’s actions.

Pain, Devastation, and Betrayal is not the end,

It is a beginning. 

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