Intelligent people do not waste time pursuing the malicious or the ignorant that caused damage to their castle. Because the probability they can produce something better in the amount of time it would take to recover the original loss is greater. Life is not about proving anything to anybody. It’s about how you want to […]

To view Islamic people as terrorists would be as reckless, foolish, and irresponsible as viewing all Christians as capital rioters. I do not believe the middle east is the only geographical area of this world that harbors heavily armed, religious, and political extremists. One of the greatest privileges of my life was spending three years […]

When the foolish pursue wealth and conquest, they believe they have won when they acquire it. The wise know true victory is only achieved when one can honorably and transparently represent how it was accomplished. Anything less is a false victory awaiting its true defeat.

Passionate love is more powerful than passionate hate because it reflects perfect form and truth.It is not blinded by deceit, malice, or prejudice. It never stops because it is fueled by hope and faith, not an agenda. I do not pray for the destruction of my adversaries. Because I know my ability to stand in […]

This world and its unseen political borders change with the passing of time as one generation turns over to the next. The ocean stands as a silent witness unchanged since the first cave painting telling our story.