When a blue-collar worker robs a white-collar worker they are served with a prison term. When a blue-collar worker is robbed by a white-collar worker they are given terms of service.

When the production of endorphins through the execution of a desired action or process outweighs the pain or damage caused by the action or process itself. Mirewolf My drug has been love itself. I have scars from train tracks of pain that wrap around my body that go nowhere. My addiction has been the need […]

Religion is a lie, the only true answers are found listening to the Holy Spirit deep inside. The only true temple is one made of human bones, I have survived walking through fire because Christ has shown me I never face life alone. My soul will never tire, because I live in a wilderness that […]

When the masonry of a republic’s court has become compromised it is only a matter of time before truth erodes its ability to stand. Authority and power that are not deployed with honor can only support the foundation of a civilization during a moment in time. Truth is Eternal