This world and its unseen political borders change with the passing of time as one generation turns over to the next. The ocean stands as a silent witness unchanged since the first cave painting telling our story.

The cowardly will always attempt to hide their face in the mud as they look down attempting to move freely away from the scene of their crime where they imprisoned the lives of others. My heart is warmed by my family that is made up of those of many colors, many faiths, and many backgrounds […]

The only way to walk on water is faith in Christ, and living a life built on a foundation of truth that is fueled by love, faith, and hope.  When someone lives a life based on a foundation of deceit, they will eventually slip beneath the waves of lies as a fleet of deceit they […]

Anger will only put your heart in danger. As you drift further from the love born in a manger. Never let the worlds negativity take your eye off the nativity. There is no peace to be found in retribution. It will never heal your hearts situation. Once you drop the bomb. Everything you love will […]

If you throw your pearls to swine,in hell forever you will dine. Her lips that taste of wine,she will always give you the right sign. With her you will never be able to walk the narrow line,as she slowly desecrates your spiritual shrine.

No amount of any indulgence will comfort your heart, satisfy your mind, or complete your soul.  It will only add to your confusion and lack of soulful completeness. What you are looking for to fill the emptiness in your heart is already there, but it must be found and understood. Otherwise you will just go […]

In the aftermath of an Ocean Storm, I’ve dealt with pain that has made my heart torn.My soul is worn as I feel my body wrapped with thorns.There is so much in my life that I mourn.Through my faith and the love in my heart, in spirit I am reborn.

If we do not own the feelings of our heart and make them our own. Then they will take whatever shape the world makes for them and like water your heart will fill whatever container it is put in. As opposed to leading and flowing in the direction it chooses. It is easy to become […]

The Paradox of Depression The only way to heal depression and deal with loss is by doing the very things you do not feel like doing. Those are the bricks in the new castle that will be what you become. For everything that you do not do, is just reenforcement of what you think you […]