When the foolish pursue wealth and conquest, they believe they have won when they acquire it. The wise know true victory is only achieved when one can honorably and transparently represent how it was accomplished. Anything less is a false victory awaiting its true defeat.

Passionate love is more powerful than passionate hate because it reflects perfect form and truth.It is not blinded by deceit, malice, or prejudice. It never stops because it is fueled by hope and faith, not an agenda. I do not pray for the destruction of my adversaries. Because I know my ability to stand in […]

A badge carries more weight than a chevron on American soil because the United States Constitution dictates that, but while a chevron protected that soil, it carried the weight of the world.

When you eliminate the mythology of a man their legend seeds. Your adversary is nothing more than another man that shits and bleeds. The more holes that are created in my body from my enemy’s blade. The more light that will shine through from my soul, as I serve only the King of the saved.

To those that carry my name, I stand in your fire. You have only made my faith stronger as I have become the mire. Now I will watch how long it takes before your truth makes you tire. As your entire life is forgotten on a lost pyre. When my children are safe from abuse […]

During the Battle of Mobile Bay on August 5, 1864, Admiral Farragut and his forces engaged a Confederate Fleet, land based forts, and a field of mines guarding the entrance to Mobile Bay. With the course ahead filled with peril Admiral Farragut ordered his fleet: “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” Admiral David Glasgow Farragut […]